Bradley New & Amanda Lynch
Keller Williams

Bradley New & Amanda Lynch

Associate Brokers— REALTORS®

                 Brad and Amanda have been friends, and business colleagues, for nearly a decade. After Brad finished working for Sears, and Amanda finished working for Skate City, they both found themselves at Walgreens. Starting in the same store as general associates, they quickly progressed through the ranks, and found themselves in management positions with Walgreens throughout the Denver Metro Area.

                 After careful consideration, Brad and Amanda came together and decided to pursue a new career endeavor in Real Estate. Both of them have a long term admiration of Real Estate dating back to their childhood. It was only natural that they ended up in this profession. However, they didn’t just want to be another Real Estate person. They wanted to be THE Service Oriented Real Estate Professionals.

                 Optimal Home Team is the name Brad and Amanda work under for Keller Williams. Optimal Home Team’s ultimate goal is to provide the best, most optimal, customer service imaginable. With consideration of their Retail Management background, customer service is only natural in all their interactions, and is their most vital tool in every situation. Many professionals in the world, whether Real Estate or another area, fail to see the bigger picture of how a business does not just revolve around business. Without people, there would be no business. There would be no money. There would be no transaction. This henceforth is why Brad and Amanda appropriately chose the tagline, “Turning Transactions Into Relationships.” Optimal Home Team is here to service the customer, and find a solution to every problem. Money should never be the driving force of a business. The people who make that business a business should.